Now that the threat of The Sequestration has materialized, we can all hope our political leaders will finally be able to go to the mattresses on the issues of the debt and deficit. But with so much being made of the dire consequences that could befall the aviation infrastructure, I thought I should pass along some information that will help us all anticipate the potential adjustments that could become reality.

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Any study of our current political landscape will reveal a striking polarization along many lines, not the least of which are questions about the benefits and costs of our free market system. While Americans generally credit free enterprise as the basis for our historic economic achievements, many people decry its inherent inequalities in wealth and income and lay the blame on capitalism. These are well-meaning citizens who are moved by compassion and hold that inherent injustices require intervention to correct and to re-balance. They believe that somehow, if the rich could be made less rich then the poor would be less poor.

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I liken the process of building a business to being in a crucible’s testing ground where one’s creativity, endurance, and character are measured and shaped almost daily.

I can recall, many years ago, a season when our very survival as an enterprise was at stake and we really needed a piece of business we were bidding on. Hours and hours had been spent on the project and we had done our best.

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Private jets have always been recognized as great business tools that help multiply the productivity of entrepreneurs and managers. But these days it seems that people are discovering how an airplane’s value extends to more personal areas where we live.

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