A working pilot only flies when he is told and then only to the airport that his company designates. For much of my career, I seemed to only fly into and out of the world’s busiest airport hub. In all kinds of bad weather. And, seemingly, only on holidays, family birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

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Expectations are everything. When one is happy with a friend, spouse, movie, dog or football team, it’s because that person or thing met or exceeded expectations (the reader will kindly place the “spouse” reference in the “person” column; thank you). But in order for the happiness thing to work, expectations must be continually adjusted. How else can you explain the legions that turnout to support the Cubs?

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Security is a big issue when something bad happens. When nothing bad is happening, it doesn’t seem necessary or appropriate. Everyone who travels on commercial planes experiences, first hand, the uncomfortable intersection of security rules and - what by any definition should be considered – harmless activity.

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