Without a doubt, flying aboard the Concorde supersonic transport was the coolest airplane ride of my life.  The departure from Paris was better described as a launch than a takeoff--barreling down the runway, engines screaming, the eventual leap skyward coming at the very last moment.  Peering out the tiny cabin window I could see moisture swirling past the wing of this needle-nosed speedster as it struggled to fly smoothly in the low-speed phase of its 3½ hour sprint to New York. 

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My line of work brings me into contact with entrepreneurs from a wonderfully diverse range of industries.  And whether I’m visiting with titans of the financial world, high tech impresarios, media moguls, real estate magnates, or inventors of the longer lasting light bulb, there’s a common thread of conversation that links all of these restless souls together.  It stems from what’s common to all pursuits in the arena of business; the daily struggle to withstand and overcome the challenges of the marketplace.

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Every occasion I have to travel aboard one of our aircraft serves as a reminder of the outstanding value presented by business aircraft. The ability to travel more efficiently without time-spent lining up for TSA, boarding cues, and baggage claim transforms a tedious travel experience into a dream. And when you consider the multiplied options for alternative airports closer to where one needs to be, the value proposition increases further still.

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With the stock market scaling new highs and our political discourse plumbing new lows the summer of 2014 is full of promise.  I cannot recall a season that affords more economic ambiguity but one thing’s for sure, the demand for value in everything bought and sold has never been stronger.  And these days that goes for the proverbial one-percenters as much as anyone else.

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