• - Customized Management Program

    The Dreamline Management Program deploys a broad spectrum of competencies that have been developed and refined over three decades.  Broken down into their basic elements they include: technical services, administrative systems, planning, human resources, logistics, and regulatory acumen - each one a requirement for successful management of your aircraft.  To allow for flexibility, all program elements are offered on a variable scale, providing you a customized program tailored specifically to your objectives.

  • - Flight Operations Management

    Dreamline directs all flight operations and crew activities to optimize the operation of your aircraft. This includes all flight planning, dispatch, and flight-following, in-flight communications, catering and ground transportation arrangements, as well as flight crew travel support.

    From managing multi-leg business trips to last minute getaways, our Flight Services and Dispatch teams work together to create a seamless flight experience for you anywhere in the world.

    We have dispatched trips to over 1,200 destinations, mastering the rules and regulations for both domestic and international flights.

  • - Controlled Costs

    Cost control is a key function of any well-defined aircraft asset management program.  Our ability to control your aircraft's operating costs is a function of our keen insight into the markets for insurance, hangarage, fuel, and maintenance services. And with one of the Region's largest fleets, you will benefit from our purchasing power and strong relationship with leading providers.


    We have owned and operated aircraft since 1987 and understand better than most how to reduce costs through intelligent purchasing and technical knowledge.

  • - High Yield Charter Revenue

    Dreamline Aviation is a leading provider of aircraft charter services in North America.  Our network of client relationships includes thousands of individuals and businesses from a broad spectrum of industry including entertainment, finance, real estate, technology, medical services, and aerospace as well as numerous government agencies.  Having direct connection with the end user rather than relying on brokers and travel agents is your best assurance that charter flights will generate significant income.

    There are also numerous tax advantages that become available when your private aircraft is used in charter service.  These factors can multiply the benefits of having a commercial component to your aircraft operation.

  • - 24/7 Customer Service

    Ours is an industry that works around the clock so, as a consequence we are never closed.  That means we are available to our clients 24/7 for flight orders, questions, or consultations.

    At Dreamline, we understand the type of experience that our clients have come to expect from the greatest hospitality brands in the world. The entire Dreamline team is trained to meet your higher standards for excellence, expertise, and execution. You'll find that we are fanatical about the details.

  • - Maintenance Management

    Expert management of the technical services performed on your aircraft is singularly important and will have the greatest impact on its serviceability and safety.  Dreamline's technical staff is comprised of veteran mechanics, inspectors, and managers who work together as a team to coordinate every aspect of maintaining your aircraft to the highest industry standards.  Every step of the way this team is focused on safeguarding your best interests and objectives.

    As a leading private jet management company, Dreamline provides 24/7 AOG support, line maintenance, inspection service, and coordination with third-party providers. The result... higher dispatch reliability and less downtime for your jet or turboprop.

  • - Human Resource Management

    Finding and keeping the right people to fly, service, and support your aircraft is as much an art as it is a science. Our effectiveness in recruiting and retaining talent is proven by an attrition rate that is almost non-existent. And when the inevitable human resource "wrinkle" arises, we take care of it with fairness and discretion.

  • - Accounting and Reporting Services

    Your aircraft represents a substantial investment in capital equipment.  This investment requires careful administration to help maintain its viability and value.  Dreamline's administrative staff is responsible for maintaining thorough aircraft operating records including monthly activity reports, expense summaries, as well as annual budget reports.  We also produce and file all documents and reports required by state and federal agencies.