The use of independent, third-party auditors to rate a company’s performance and regulatory compliance is a time-honored practice that dates back to the early 20th century.  It was an innovation first applied to railroad bonds by an analyst named John Moody.

In 1909 Moody developed a rating scale that reflected the relative financial strength and fitness of the bond issuer and provided a convenient method investors could use to evaluate risk and reward.    

The past fifteen years has brought rating services for private aviation operators into the mainstream. Their efforts are focused on measuring the effectiveness of an operator’s procedures, policies, and training methods thereby providing an extra layer of consumer protection over the regulatory oversight operators are normally subject to by the FAA.

When you consider that our safety record is our most carefully guarded asset, the extra scrutiny given to our operations can only enhance our performance and compliance with Best Practices for our industry.  So long as the axiom of “a good reputation is more desired than great riches” holds true in the world, we will always welcome oversight that protects ours.

We recently completed just such an audit that surveyed the length and breadth of our operation.  The process is comprehensive and looks at every aspect of how we operate--from flight sales, flight dispatch and control, staff training, emergency response protocols, maintenance effectiveness, safety management and leadership philosophy.  It is a rigorous exercise and not everyone passes the test.  On February 15th Dreamline was awarded a Platinum Rating by ARG/US which certifies that we meet the highest standards for our industry.

Though you probably never think about it, you can be assured that all of us at Dreamline are committed to continuous process improvement so that we can continue delivering the safest and most dependable flight services available anywhere.