Of all the routes we fly on a regular basis, there is none more interesting and enjoyable than between the West Coast and the Hawaiian Islands. No matter what the airplane or class of service, flying to Hawaii is always special—

enhanced no doubt by the anticipation of spectacular sunsets and warm tropical breezes. But flying to Hawaii via private jet—that’s an experience that always comes with an element of the sublime.

Something most Hawaii travelers never really think about is the fact that the route between the West Coast of the U.S. mainland to Hawaii is the longest over-water stretch in the world without an alternate airport along the route. With such a distinction, these flights always require a little extra planning by the crew and more robust capabilities from the airplane. There are contingencies to plan for and extra precautions to take in case of inclement weather or in the event an equipment discrepancy is encountered along the way.

For these reasons flying to Hawaii by private jet is normally reserved for long range aircraft belonging to the Large Cabin category. These airplanes are purpose-built with the extra fuel capacity and equipment redundancy required for longer range missions. But the advent of new aircraft in the “Super-Mid” category has opened-up the Hawaii routes to these airplanes albeit with certain limitations in payload and average upper level winds.

Since the whole idea of flying to Hawaii is to escape the frenetic pace of life and let yourself be transformed by the spirit of the Islands, it makes sense to start the journey to a state of relaxation as soon as possible. Going via private jet with Dreamline is the best way to avoid the airline “hub bub” and get that journey started right away.