Every occasion I have to travel aboard one of our aircraft serves as a reminder of the outstanding value presented by business aircraft. The ability to travel more efficiently without time-spent lining up for TSA, boarding cues, and baggage claim transforms a tedious travel experience into a dream. And when you consider the multiplied options for alternative airports closer to where one needs to be, the value proposition increases further still.

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With the stock market scaling new highs and our political discourse plumbing new lows the summer of 2014 is full of promise.  I cannot recall a season that affords more economic ambiguity but one thing’s for sure, the demand for value in everything bought and sold has never been stronger.  And these days that goes for the proverbial one-percenters as much as anyone else.

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With New Year’s resolutions made and year-end reflections completed, I am now resolved to turn my attentions to the year at hand 2014 is a year full of promise as the tectonic plates in our economy shift along the fault lines of the business cycle What amazes me is how one can always find voices that cackle out the rosiest of predictions for the future whilst the ever-present doomsday prophets simultaneously herald the end of the world as we know it There are elements of truth in both arguments. However, if you buy the assumption that private aviation is a leading economic indicator (as I do), I think the optimists have the edge.

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Now that the threat of The Sequestration has materialized, we can all hope our political leaders will finally be able to go to the mattresses on the issues of the debt and deficit. But with so much being made of the dire consequences that could befall the aviation infrastructure, I thought I should pass along some information that will help us all anticipate the potential adjustments that could become reality.

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