The idea of selling individual seats on private airplanes has been around for a long time leaving a trail of disappointment and financial ruin for the intrepid entrepreneurs who’d hoped to bring a disruptive innovation to private aviation.  But really, the airplane is private--it’s what it’s called! And, it has been my experience that pre-millennial consumers of flight services take a dim view of ride-sharing with perfect strangers.

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History teaches that, in a free society, the drive to innovate is an unstoppable tide that makes change the one true constant.  In the wake of the tidal surge of technological innovation lies the ruins of those that could not or would not adapt.  Just ask those who formerly made their living repairing VCR’s, selling encyclopedias, or renting DVD’s, or the newspaper publishers and retail booksellers who are witnessing the steady decline of their customer base.

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In 2017, Dreamline flew more people to more places than ever before including a few places I had never even heard of.  This is a testament to the initiative and creativity of the people we fly and demonstrates their never-ending search for far-flung destinations to work and play. 

The most noteworthy of these out-of-the-way places has to be the tiny hamlet of Rexburg, Idaho... 

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Throughout human history most people lived their lives on farms.  In the last 100 years, we’ve lived in cities.  Now it would seem we live our lives online.  Yet the advent of our interconnected world has given rise to a dichotomy, a generation gap if you will, which divides us into those who view airplane time as downtime and those who must always be connected, even while flying, privately or otherwise.

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