The Great Circle program was first developed in 1998 to provide our more frequent fliers with added value features such as reduced rates and guaranteed availability of aircraft.  From "Day One", we've kept things simple and straight forward.

  • Simply call Great Circle when you wish to fly

    Tell us when you want to fly and which category of aircraft you’ll need.  We’ll do the rest.  If you are unsure as to the right aircraft category for your mission, we’ll gladly suggest the right one for the number of passengers and your particular itinerary.

  • Deposit a minimum of $50,000 to start enjoying Great Circle

    Simply sign and return your Great Circle Agreement along with your deposit. 

  • Flying one-way or roundtrip, we’ll give you the best rate

    Great Circle offers the flexibility of one-way rates as well as roundtrip pricing… with no charges for landing fees or repositioning.  Simply fly out from (or return to) an airport within 75 nm of one of our Home Airports (Van Nuys, Oakland, or San Carlos, CA).  Save even more when you use one of our Home Airports.

  • Receive simple, straightforward “Zero Balance” trip invoices

    After every trip you will receive a clear and comprehensive report that reflects the details of your trip and identifies the flight time and related charges.  No fine print. No confusion. 

    Additionally, you receive a monthly statement that provides you with a listing of all your flights on the Great Circle program as well as your running balance.

  • When your deposit runs low, simply replenish and keep flying Great Circle

    As you deposit begins to run low, we will notify you and send an invoice for funds to replenish your account.  It's that simple.

  • “No Strings Attached” promise

    Perhaps you decide to purchase your own plane.  Maybe your travel patterns change and a “fractional” program begins to make more sense.

    Let us know and we’ll help you with your decision.  If you decide to leave the program – for whatever reason - we will return your unused deposit balance.

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